Favorite Sites

    Here is a list of some of my favorite ebook and design related sites.
  • Click Twice Design — For all of your eBook design needs.
  • Lynda.com — For all of your train­ing needs, this site is the best.
  • InDe­sign Secrets — Lively dis­cus­sion of all things Adobe InDe­sign, the pre­mier page lay­out program.
  • Mobil­eRead Forums — If you can’t find an answer to you e-publishing ques­tion here, you can’t find it anywhere.
  • Epub Checker — Val­i­date your epub before you upload it to a book­seller. Word to the wise.
  • Three Press Con­sult­ing — As they say on their site “Dig­i­tal tools for twenty-first cen­tury publishing.”
  • Kin­dle Direct Pub­lish­ing — Amazon’s por­tal to their Kin­dle pub­lish­ing site. What are you wait­ing for they still sell way more ebooks than any­body else.
  • PubIt! — Barnes & Noble’s epub­lish­ing por­tal. They sell the sec­ond most ebooks. Easy to sign up and get pub­lished quickly.
  • Smash­words — If you decide that get­ting pub­lished is more dif­fi­cult than you thought, these guys can help you out.
  • Kobo — Kobo reader author’s page. Not as big as the oth­ers but still in the game.
  • ePub Zen Gar­den — This sim­ple site gives you a look at one page of an ePub and how it appears with a vari­ety of CSS styles applied.
  • Adobe Dig­i­tal Edi­tions — Must have down­load of Adobe’s epub reader.
  • Book Pub­lish­ing Soft­ware — Great guide to book pub­lish­ing software.
  • Cal­i­bre — E-book man­age­ment software.
  • Pigs, Gourds and Wikis — May sound funny, but plenty of great epub help from Liz Castro.
  • Lulu — Lulu ebooks publishing.
  • Design Geek — Great tips and tech­niques for Dig­i­tal Designers..
  • Sigil — Free open source ebook editor
  • 3 Responses to Favorite Sites

    1. Cari Jansen says:

      http://www.carijansen.com — plenty of InDe­sign tips, tricks, includ­ing some good arti­cles on EPUB.

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