This Ain’t Rocket Science

Albert Einstein

A Lot Tougher Than Publishing

Sure, putting together your mas­ter­piece for sale on huge book sell­ers like Ama­zon, Barnes & Noble and Apple seems like an over­whelm­ing task for a writer. After all, if it was that sim­ple, every­body would be doing it. Well guess what, just about every­body is self publishing.

Why would you want to go the route of sub­mit­ting to pub­lish­ers and wait­ing for­ever for a rejec­tion let­ter or, if you’re one of lucky cho­sen few, finally get pub­lished and maybe sell a few hun­dred copies and give most of your sales to your pub­lisher? Maybe, its ego. After all, it’s kind of cool to see your new book on the shelves of your local book seller. You can tell all of your friends and fam­ily and they can stop by and maybe buy a copy. Pub­lic­ity, for­get about it, unless you’re a top author, don’t expect any help from your pub­lisher. Be pre­pared to sink a huge chunk of your money and ego into a pub­lic­ity tour to push sales.

With the absolute explo­sion of e-readers, Ama­zon reports sell­ing more e-books than print ear­lier this year, why not bypass the whole tra­di­tional pub­lish­ing thing and take charge of your own des­tiny. Get­ting your book up for sale on the major seller’s sites can eas­ily be done within a week of com­ple­tion at vir­tu­ally no cost.  OK. if you can’t design a cover that stands out and looks great, you may need some design help. I’ve com­pleted dozens of cov­ers for around $100 apiece. But that’s about it, all you need to do is write the book, con­vert it to an accept­able for­mat, epub pre­ferred, but MS Word will usu­ally work as well. Slap a great cover on, then upload to B&N, Ama­zon and Apple and your book will instantly be avail­able to mil­lions of poten­tial readers.

Send me a com­ment or e-mail and I’ll fill you in on a few of the details (not rocket sci­ence) to get you pub­lished in record time. The rest is up to you.

Happy writ­ing.

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  1. AC Cruz says:

    Thanks, could not have been bet­ter said. Great blog look­ing for­ward for more.

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