Marriage Confidential

Mar­tin and Josie Brown teamed up to write this self-help book for all you folks out there who want to know more about what the oppo­site sex thinks about, well, sex. In fact, the sub­ti­tle is “102 Hon­est Answers to the Ques­tions Every Hus­band Wants to Ask, and Every Wife Needs to Know.”

This cover image of a bride and groom focuses on the beau­ti­ful bou­quet of flow­ers which draws the eye to the title of the book. The hus­band is lurk­ing in the back­ground as if he wants to know more about sex with his new bride but is a bit reluc­tant to come right out and ask her. I think it’s the per­fect image for this cover. This brings me to the impor­tant task of choos­ing an image from the mil­lions out there on the web. I usu­ally spend more time look­ing through stock photo sites than any other aspect of a design. Some­times if I can’t find just the right image or illus­tra­tion, I’ll have to shoot one myself or resort to draw­ing an illus­tra­tion using Adobe Illus­tra­tor CS5. I try to avoid this if at all pos­si­ble because it really slows down the process and inevitably results in a higher cost for the client.

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