Fit in 50 Days

This was another one of those works of love I fre­quently pro­duce for friends and fam­ily. Basi­cally this means that I don’t charge for my ser­vice and in return I get some much needed prac­tice, addi­tional expo­sure for my work and hope­fully, in return, some refer­rals to other authors. Oh, and lets not for­get the love, thanks and good karma which usu­ally come from freely giv­ing your time and energy.

My dear brother Mar­tin Brown is a fit­ness and rela­tion­ship guru liv­ing with his lovely wife Josie Brown in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia. He approached me with his lat­est book, Fit in 50 Days, and asked me to pro­duce a cover which would get across the mes­sage that thin is in and fat is out. My words, not his.

This was the result. I used an image of a model hold­ing a tape mea­sure around her waist show­ing off her amaz­ingly slim waist­line (bitch.) I added some more tape to each side of the mea­sure and inserted the days to reflect the book’s title and theme that in only 50 days you can turn your bad, overeat­ing couch sit­ting blob into a cel­ery chomp­ing, on the move exer­cise maven. I think it works, what do you think?

I con­verted Martin’s fab­u­lous book into and epub and mobi and got it accepted by Barnes & Noble, Ama­zon and Apple. Check it out if you want to turn away from the dark side of overeat­ing and under exer­cis­ing and impress your friends and fam­ily with the new you!

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